Buy Google's Doodles if you love them

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Buy Google's Doodles if you love them

Have you ever wished to own a piece of Google's history? Google has now renewed the Doodle site allowing the users to purchase the items that feature the thematic Google logos called Doodles. The update brings this page into the line with Google, the internet giant and the other websites enhanced by it and allows the users to share the logos that they like with others in social networks like Google+.

Ying Wang, the Director of Product Management of Google has announced that since the first doodle in 1998 Google has had its own way to share the things that the users love or get excited about. Since the past couple of years Google has started creating doodles that people can play with rather than simply looking at them.

The first interactive Google doodle features a slideshow that was clickable and was based on the Halloween candy in 2009. Since the creation of that doodle, Google has made many doodles that require the users to insert coins to watch a film, play some arcade classic, compose an epic guitar solo and so on in the Google homepage.

The new site launched by Google for the doodles has over 1000 doodles and also has some behind the scene looks of the creation process and the links to interactive versions. If you like any of the doodles, you can have them printed on shirts, mugs, stickers, cards and skateboards through the Doodles on Demand, a Google page. This site is in partnership with Zazzle, the print on demand marketplace.

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