Cash-conscious Europeans say no to iPhone

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Cash-conscious Europeans say no to iPhone

There are many different smartphones manufactured by different companies and so the prices of the smartphones are are dropping constantly and this affects the sales of the iPhones in Europe. The weakening economy also contributes to this. These data were gathered by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, a research firm.

Apple launched a new iPhone model, iPhone 4S in October and it boosted to a great position in US and Britain. However, it could not gain success in the continental Europe where the share of the apple which is growing quite rapidly has slipped.

Google dominates the smartphone industry and it stormed the market across the world with the Android platform. The iPhone has hit great success in Australia, US and Great Britain for Christmas. The research has stated that Apple had a share of 25% in the last year in US and now it has grown to 36% and in Britain this has come up from 21% to 31%.

The European consumers are keeping a tight lid on their expenditure as the government makes cuts and the job losses are making them crush the exports and demand for goods. While Apple has not gained an effective market in Europe, Android of Google has obtained a dominant share of 61% in the market of smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S still is the best selling smartphones.

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