CES 2012: Follow your heart with Basis Band

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CES 2012: Follow your heart with Basis Band

If you looking for a heart rate monitor that will not strap on to the chest all the time, the Basis Science company has it for you. It even doubles to a sleek watch. Basis Science is one of the Health and Wellness Innovations Awards honorees at CES 2012.

The Basis Band is equipped with multiple sensors that can track the heart rate using the blood flow sensors and the activity level through a 3D accelerometer, burned calories, galvanic skin response and temperature.

The watch strap is water resistant and available in white and black colors and it has a USB charger with a long cable allowing considerable movement while charging. The prototypes kept for display at the CES 2012 were not wireless however.

The device requires the users to access the online dashboard to monitor the heart fluctuations, sleep patterns and activity levels as it is not wireless right now. This system might require some more development with some rewards for the users for wearing the device for a specified time. The reps at Basis claim that this dashboard is under progress.

This is a step taken to turn the couch potatoes into fitness freaks by enabling them to know the steps taken, heart rate, hours slept and calories burnt. But in order to engage them into these activities, the data must be presented in meaningful formats. The monitor will be out in Spring and is out for pre-orders now. The price of this device is $199.

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