Child Phone: Mobile phone for kids

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Child Phone: Mobile phone for kids

The crime rate has increased currently and it is the duty of parents to ensure that their kids are safe. The ordinary handsets will not address the problem as the kids can misuse it and get confused when they are stuck up at emergencies.

Satguide is already famous for the GPS devices and it has now come up with a new mobile phone to resolve this issue. The handset is known as Child phone and it has a GPS tracker so that the parents can get to know the location of the device.

This phone has not got any display and thereby reduces the confusion that the kids might get on how to use it. They can make calls to the numbers that are pre-configured by parents like their own numbers and that of someone who might be help during an emergency.

The Child phone has superior sensitivity of GPS receiving as it is faster than the A-GPS. It is small in size and so it is highly comfortable for the kids to hold.

This phone allows the parents to locate their children using a map on the website without troubling them. When a person buys the handset, they will receive the login details and the website details. Using the GSM locating technologies, even the kids can locate their device when the GPS signals are absent.

The kids can make calls to the already configured numbers by pressing a single button. The SOS button, when pressed will generate the SOS message to the pre-configured four numbers so that they take immediate action.

The Child phone is available for a cost of Rs. 4,990 through several retail outlets and online retailers.

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