China makes Apple gas stoves

Posted By: Rahul

China makes Apple gas stoves

The Apple i-Phone logo can be predominately seen in gas-stoves across China. Yes, it's true as a Chinese company which is into manufacturing gas stoves has reportedly used the Apple i Phone logo on it's gas stoves. More than 700 gas stoves are reportedly labeled with the Apple i Phone logo.

Images clearly show the Apple i Phone logo on the front portion of the gas stove. The words “i Phone” can also be clearly seen. This “i-Phone” stove is the latest reported experiment by Chinese entrepreneurs who are hell bent on making fake & counterfeit Apple products.

An entire fake Apple store was busted in China during August last year. This shows that the Apple products which are considered the best & revolutionary throughout the world is mocked upon by the Chinese. This is surely going to cause some nightmares for Apple.

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