Chrome 15 wins the browser battle

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Chrome 15 wins the browser battle

In November last week, the research firm, StatCounter said that about 23.6 % of the Chrome 15 browsers were tracked by the global system of the company and about 23.5 % accounted for Internet Explorer 8. These are results pertaining only the these particular versions and while totaling all the versions of both Chrome and Internet Explorer there will definitely be a different picture.

Internet Explorer of Microsoft is a popular web browser and it way ahead of the Google Chrome. The StatCounter research shows that this is very true with the figures. The research totals the usage of all the IE Versions to 40.09% as opposed to Chrome versions that totals to 26.31 %. The other browsers like Mozilla Firefox is at the third position with 25.07 %, Apple Safari is at the next position with 5.86 % and then comes Opera at 1.91 %.

The victory of Chrome 15 is not too meaningful from these figures. Google has an in-built updating system that insistently updates the browsers to new versions automatically. This will make the people use the newer version and thereby reducing those who are using the older versions. Microsoft is less pushy in this manner and now the reason is well known and it also explains why the previous versions of the Internet Explorer are still quite famous.

When Chrome was launched by Google around 3 years ago, the Mozilla Firefox has actually lost the chance to be at the top position. Suddenly, Chrome started to be an innovative, fresh and alternative web browser and now recently the share of Mozilla Firefox has started to dip way too down. If the Firefox was capable of surpassing the IE, then it would surely be a great tech story in the history of internet and technology.

This was actually the case when the IE 6 was latest version some years back and had around 90% of the market share. Then even the Firefox was dazzling amazingly. It was very simple and wonderful and it was able to attract millions of browsers. But still the reason of IE being so popular is that it is already installed on the Windows machines and requires no downloads to use it.

However, this does not mean that Chrome cannot overtake the IE as it is improving a lot and Google markets it more aggressively.

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