CIA Website hacked by Annonymous

Posted By: Rahul

CIA Website hacked by Annonymous

The website of the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) has been hacked by the  Annonymous hacker group. The CIA website was struggling to get back after being hacked into. This attack comes in the wake of Annonymous hacking the websites of the FBI in protest against the closing of Megaupload file sharing website.

The Annonymous hacker group also posted a tweet “ CIA TANGO DOWN: #Annonymous”. The hackers used the D.D.O.S(Distributed Denial Of Service) method of attack according to reports. But certain details about the hacking haven't been made public yet.

After Annonymous posted the tweet there was another one from their account @YourAnonNews which said “ We'd remind media that if we report a hack or ddos attack, it doesn't necessarily mean we did it”. The websites of the state of Alabama & the website of the mining Ministry of Mexico were also hacked into.

Not only this, a secret call between the FBI sleuths and the London sleuths was made public by Annonymous last month. Looking at all this, we can say that Governments all over the world need to be on their feet and take effective steps to prevent their sites from being hacked into.

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