Coming soon: Android Jellybean OS

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Coming soon: Android Jellybean OS

Google might launch the Android's next version, Jellybean operating system earlier than expected. The company might release this new operating system by the second quarter of the year, claims a Taiwan based equipment maker which produces Android powered devices.

The recent release of Android, the Ice Cream Sandwich is meant for both the smartphones and tablets. The Jellybean update of the platform will focus on expanding the capabilities of Android to the computers and netbooks.

A reason for this early launch of the operating system can be the rumor that is rising across the world stating that the vendors are losing interest on the ICS. But actually the ICS works pretty well on several devices and it is the next upgrade for the tablets and smartphones.

The Jellybean will get a dual operating system boosting option without the necessity of having to restart or reboot the device. It will also extend the capabilities of Android to the X86 based systems and the code of this was already released by Android forum sometime earlier.

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