Commonly used office password

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Commonly used office password

The most popular password of the business world has been revealed to be 'Password1'. Trustwave, an online security firm has revealed the results of a study and it claims that this secret word was used widely across the world.

Over 5% of the computer users choose this word as it has a number, an uppercase letter and the correct number of characters that is usually required for passwords. This is undoubtedly very easy to remember and is also little more complex when compared to the most popular code word that is used by the home users - password.

The Global Security Report of 2012 by Trustwave revealed the distinct lack of care the workers posses over online security all over the world. It revealed the techniques that workers are following in order to allow their colleagues use their codewords.

They are spotted to set the username as password and also be making simple modifications to the secret code like adding a digit at the end. Some were found to write down their passwords somewhere so that others can easily find it.

The report also states that the hackers can make use of keystroke logging software that can record the press of the every button on the computers.

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