Computer and mobile phone softwares bridging the language barrier in India

By Rahul Ramesh

Computer and mobile phone softwares bridging the language barrier in India


As we all know that the language of technology is English. All technical operations, computing & functions take place predominantly in English. But this concept has some disadvantages as well. One such disadvantage is the reduced reachability of Technology to people due to the usage of the English language.

According to a recent survey, it was found out that people are preferring to work with technology in their own regional language rather than using English. This survey also estimates that in future the number of people using regional languages for computing will outnumber the people using English for their computing activities. Keeping this fact in mind, there are various software programs which offer computing as well as smartphone interoperability in regional languages. One useful/revolutionary software enabling this is Baraha(enables Kannada Language Computing) which is described below:

Baraha for computing in Kannada: This software allows users to type & even read content in the Indian Classical Language of Kannada. The Baraha Software makes the computer a platform for communicating in Kannada. Through this, users can operate the computer entirely in the Kannada language. Users can also send e-mails, write blogs, write whatever they went and even read. All these operations take place in the Kannada language only.

The Baraha is a blessing for people in rural areas and thus increases the reachability of technology among people in rural areas as well.

Apart from the Baraha, there are other software programs which enable users to compute in their own regional language. In sync with this, many smartphone manufacturers have also started to incorporate their mobile phones/smart phones with regional language support. All these ensures efficient user interaction, high degree of curiosity among users apart from increasing the reachability of Technology. Reply with your opinion in our comment section below.

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