ComScore shows the dominance of social networking in 2011

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ComScore shows the dominance of social networking in 2011


ComScore tracks the usage of internet at a global scale and it released a report based on the analysis of 2011. It has figured out the emergence of social networks as the leader of the digital trends segment. The social networking was found to be the most used online activity.

As per the analysis, the social networking as accounted for about one minute in every five minutes if online usage on a global scale. This large usage of the social networks has accounted it to be the most engaging worldwide online activity.

The emergence of the social networks and their widespread global adoption has greatly influenced the human interaction. Social networks weave them into the fabric digital experience more intricately irrespective of their geographical location. The findings of ComScore on social networks' dominance is as follows.

1. Importance of Facebook: In October 2011, Facebook, the most popular and most used social networking website has reached over half the percent (55%) of the global audience and also accounted for one in seven minutes that is spent online across the world. It also accounts for three in four minutes that is spent on social networking.

2. Emergence of micro-blogging: In the past few years micro-blogging has become one of the popular social networking activity across the world. Twitter, the popular micro-blogging site has reached about 10 million users in October and it experienced a growth of 59% in the year. The other famous and most sought of micro-blogging sites include Sina Weibo, a Chinese site and Tumblr.

3. No age bar for social networking: The social networks are widely used by the people of the age group 15 to 24 on a major scale with each user spending about eight hours online in October on an average. But still the use of social networks is not restricted for the rest and it is grabbing the attention of all age groups across the world. The internet users in the age group of 55 and older are found to use the social networks at a greater pace with a growth of 10% in one year.

4. Mobile devices add to social addiction: In US, it is found that 64% of smartphone users access the social networks from their mobile. The analysis recorded every two of five smartphone users to connect to social networks almost everyday.

5. Top 10 social networking markets: The social networking and its adoption by the global users shows its worldwide appeal. Of the 43 markets, about 41 markets have found to have 85 % of the online population to visit the social network.

The analysis concluded Israel to be the leader of the countries visiting the social networks with about 11 hours on social networking on an average in the month. Argentina ranked second with 10.7 hours, Russia third with 10.4 hours and Turkey fourth with 10.2 hours.

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