Court rejects petition against Microsoft

Posted By: Rahul

Court rejects petition against Microsoft

Microsoft India has finally got a breather. The court hearing the case against it & other I.T Giants, service providers has rejected the petition filed against Microsoft India. The plea against Microsoft was rejected stating that the company was an”odd man out” among the other companies.

Mufti Aijas Arshad Qazmi has filed a plea seeking prosecution of major I.T. Companies for allegedly hosting objectionable content on their respective websites. The court dropped Microsoft's name from the suit & fined the petitioner a sum of Rs 5,000. The court also said that Arshad Qazmi didn't bother to verify whether Microsoft was running a social networking site or not.

The judgement further stated that the complainant was against people freely interacting on social networking sites & openly expressing their views on various issues. Yahoo! India has also filed a plea to remove it's name from the complaint stating that there was no cause for action against it.

The court's ruling has come amidst a controversy Indian Telecommunication Minister Kapil Sibal had directed social networking sites to “screen” content.

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