Crap gadgets at CES 2012

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Crap gadgets at CES 2012

Every year, the CES sets the trend in the industry for the complete year defining them what to do. The Convention Center at Las Vegas was filled with innovations and excitement for the past few days. For every hot and brand new gadget, there were hundreds of accessories that will make us really scratch our heads. But obviously, we will not be able to forget the strange ideas especially the ones that are frightening.

Let us check out the best crap gadgets that made their presence at the CES 2012.

Watch your bag

It has a bag and it is an alarm clock. The bag has a rainbow of morphing colors. It does not have wires to get plugged in and it is a good step taken as you can save the electricity bills if you like to use a product like this.


With the Mugtuk, one day your iPhone will look like a giant insect. This is especially made to amuse and scare the small kids. The kids love iPhones and it is a panic for the parents who would have spent $650 for it and handing it over to their kids. The kids will be so terrified that they will not touch the smartphone again.

EZ Gas

When you are passing over areas with ample amount of leaking gas, this device indicates yellow and it means that you are safe. There are also other colored icons to indicate the other levels of gas and be out of danger.

iPad 2 / 3 case

There is a case for iPad 2 that will also work out for the iPad 3. Do you think it is possible? Yes. With the iPad 2/3 case which is a multifunctional one.

4D Vibestar

This is a massaging chair that has built in speakers. It does two of your most favorite things to relax you. Guess what? It massages your lower back and also plays some soothing sounds. It has a vibrating speaker system in it.

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