Data consumption is doubled by iPhone 4S

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Data consumption is doubled by iPhone 4S

The new version of iPhone, the 4S consumes about double the data as the previous model and this accounts to more data than the iPad. The main reason behind this is the increased use of online services such as Siri, the personal voice assistant indicates a study.

When the iPhone 4S was launched in October 2011, the minor improvements in the smartphone was a great disappointment to the reviewers and the analysts. However, the demand for the model among the consumers was quite strong and the buyers are using their devices extensively.

The users of iPhone 4S transfer about thrice the data as the users of the previous version, the iPhone 3G. The usage of data in the iPhone 4 was only1.6 times increase of that of the iPhone 3G and that of iPad 2 is about 2.5 times increase as per a study.

The smartphones that are available in the market today are acing more and more demands on the carrier bandwidth that is available as the applications are slick and the average personal use of the videos are intensified.

The wireless network operators are facing more pressure as the data consumption increases sharper and they ought to speed up the capacity investments. The operators are already facing trouble with the clogged telecom networks to get along with the increasing demand of the data services.

The data consumption of a smartphone depends on the user and what he/she wants it to do. The iPhone 4S has become a data hog mainly because of Siri, the virtual personal assistant cum search app. This app is integrated with iPhone 4S and it responds to the user's voice commands.

The usage of data by mobiles are high since the launch of iPhone in 2007 and it is approximately doubling every year. The like Siri are taking this to further growth. The wireless operators are very keen in making revenue from the internet browsing and social networking declining that from the traditional voice calls. As a consequence they are actually facing highly congested networks.

Lot of them are not admitting this issue of going along with the data traffic as they fear of losing the customers. The study suggests that the addition of some efficient and new LTE networks will help the situation but the network operators should be capable enough to identify the heavy data users and distribute them.

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