Dead Russian Satellite Debris Might Be Huge Threat To Genesis II Spacecraft


Exploring space has been one of man's greatest achievements. However, in recent times, space is getting crowded with satellites and spacecraft being launched every year. The old and dead space equipment which is no longer functional, is slowly collecting around Earth, spiking the chances of collisions with other spacecraft and habitats.

Dead Russian Satellite Debris Might Be Huge Threat To Genesis II


Genesis II: Potential Risk From Collision

The Genesis II by Bigelow Aerospace, an inflatable space habitat test mission, is facing a situation like this. The Genesis was notified by the US Air Force that it faces a 5.6 percent chance of colliding with a dead Russian satellite Cosmos 1300 in 15 hours. Although the probability is low, it's still a cause of concern for all space authorities and enthusiasts.

The Genesis II was launched back in 2007 and Bigelow could maintain communication with the spacecraft for nearly two years. The Bigelow Aerospace posted their concerns on their official Twitter handle and raised the issue of the low Earth orbit becoming increasing littered.

Unfortunately, neither the Genesis II nor the dead Russian satellite - launched back in 1981 - can be moved within their orbital paths to avoid a crash. At this point, the two spacecraft pose as an example of orbital debris and a threat they pose.

Space Debris And Its Growing Threat

The Genesis program consisted of two uncrewed prototype habitats to demonstrate expandable habitat technology. While Bigelow has maintained communication contact with Genesis II, the space habitat is slowly making its way back towards Earth. It is expected to burn up in the atmosphere eventually.


Space debris is a pressing issue and agencies are trying to manage it. In another tweet, Bigelow expressed the stark reality and danger of what future habitable space stations may face. The aerospace company said if the number of spacecraft weren't controlled, it could become very dangerous to human life in low Earth orbit.

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