Defence personnel asked to stay away from social networks

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Defence personnel asked to stay away from social networks

The social networking websites like Facebook have come up as new and attractive honey traps that are set by the enemy spies and this has prompted the government to advice the senior authorities of both armed forces and paramilitary forces to stop flaunting the career related information in the social networks or best to stay away from the websites.

The cases regarding these kinds of cyber espionage came to light when the officials of the paramilitary forces who are posted in the sensitive areas were found to chat with the spies in the border or with some foreign agents who posed like women on the social networks.

Several meetings were conducted in view of this issue in order to ensure that the official computers are not made used by the enemy spies to solicit the officials of the country into their fold with the help of the social networking sites. The defence personnel are being sensitized about these tactics made aware of its dangers.

No one who knew what was going on were ready to provide information about those paramilitary personnel who are involved in these kinds of cyber espionage. But in order to be at the maximum safety, there is a an effective vigil on the officials who are posted in the sensitive areas.

In some cases, the officials were indulged in the video chat performing some objectionable activities and these were recorded by the spies of the other countries and was used for blackmailing the officials later in order to gain some commercial and strategic official information.

These officials who were involved in such activities were immediately removed from the sensitive areas and the appropriate departmental action was deployed.

Some other officials were found posing with their uniform and with AK-47 and service revolvers. When they were questioned regarding this, they said that it was simply to impress the girls.

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