Digital Bonsai Tree that can get mobile phones charged

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A French based designer has come up with a digital bonsai tree that besides aesthetically enhancing your room, can be used for charging mobile phones and other electrical devices all this without the need for any delicate pruning! The aptly named Electree+ has been designed and developed by Vivien Muller.

The new product will have 27 miniature silicon solar panels which are otherwise known as ‘Leaves’. These panels can be arranged in any way the user desires so that they can come up with their own customized little bonsai!

The battery is located at the bottom most portion of the gadget where the solar energy is stored. The gadget is powerful enough to charge an iPad on two occasions and fully charged a mobile phone within four hours. The developer in fact claims it to be capable of charging iPhone 5 over nine times. The internal battery used is of 14,000 mAh battery.

Electree+ has a separate USB connection. It is located below the wood-topped base unit. The developer claimed the inspiration to develop this kind of a gadget came from his observation of real trees when he noticed the leaves to be acting as solar panels. Vivien Muller is also trying to implement a new adaptive resonance technology in future editions of this gadget.

Even though this gadget can prove to be a money saver on your electricity bills, it will take buyers a long time for making good the cost of purchasing Electree+, what with the device available at a pricing of a whopping 283 pounds (approximately Rs.25, 000)!

The gadget, however, will appeal to the tech-savvy environmentalists the most since this paves the way for an eco-friendly method of charging their mobile phones. The product is suitable for both home and office use because of its hybridizing art and technology. Some analysts assume the Electree+ to be a perfect combination of aesthetics, ecology and functionality. 

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