Digital resolutions for 2012

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Digital resolutions for 2012

New Year reminds us not only about the parties and the celebrations but also about resolutions. We might take up lot of resolutions to manage our diet, health any many other aspects but the digital resolutions are also pretty important for one. Especially we are currently in a technological world where everything involves technology. Here we present to you four basic digital resolutions for this new year.

Keep your system secure

The computer news was highly dominated by viruses and hackers in 2011 and the experts on the concept claim that this year will be worse. What can one do? Ensure that your computer's security software is always updated.

Even the operating systems like Windows have to be updated regularly and it is recommended to have the Automatic Updates turned on. The web browsers are the most used ones on computers and are easy ways for the viruses and hackers to enter the system.

Ensure that the browsers are always updated to the latest versions and also switch them as per the operating system in use. Also practice the common sense security without fail. Do not open the suspicious links in mails and unsolicited attachments. Download files only from the trustworthy company site.

Secure the wireless network

You may have all the security measures that exists on your computer but these will be of no use when you are using an insecure network. Hackers may not make any direct attack on your system but they can examine the internet communication. The criminals may use your insecure internet connections for piracy and other crime making you a victim. So it is better to have a completely secured wireless network.

Be careful online

Whatever you post on social media websites like Google, Twitter and Facebook will stay there forever and so before you are posting something online think once. Though you have pretty good privacy settings, there might be some change in future that might expose all your old posts. This not only applies to posts but also to the videos and photos you upload.

Back-up all the data

You can never predict any hard drive failures and it is your duty to safeguard and protect your data. If you are using any external hard drive or a flash drive then you have to regularly back up all the data. You can't make a backup once and then forget it for another couple of months.

Also have a backup somewhere other than your computer so that any issue on the computer will not hurt the backup. The cloud services of backup are increasing nowadays and it is important to upload all your significant files to these services for accessing them whenever you want to.

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