Downloads in Apple's App Store crosses 100 million

Posted By: Rahul

Downloads in Apple's App Store crosses 100 million

Ever since Apple launched it's app store early this year, the number of apps downloaded has increased by the second. This has eventually led to the number of downloads exceeding the 100 million mark. This is surely great news for apple as it is in the process of increasing sales figures.

The App store has proved to be a big hit as it has revolutionized the smartphone(mobile phone ) world top a great extent and now is in the process of revolutionizing the PC world as well. Accoding to latest statistics, the number of downloads is more than one billion every one month. Awesome! isn't it?

The App store works with Apple computers running the Snow Leopard operating system or higher. One interesting feature here is that when an upgrade takes place, the app store and all your downloaded apps are available in the upgraded machine as well free of cost.

This is sure to make the app store the most sought after application in the PC world. Thus , Apple is planning to utilize the App wave completely in it's favour.

When a user creates an Apple ID( Which is the norm when using Apple computers) and even when the operating system is formatted, the app store can be attached to the users' apple ID or to their iTunes registry free of cost.

Thus, the cool application which is also termed as App Store is all set to take the PC world by storm.

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