Dropbox for Android Introduces Mailbox with Auto-Swipe

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If you are a fan of the cloud technology, the concept of Dropbox is not something alien to you. And now it seems like the service is even reaching out for more by launching Mailbox for Android.

The changes, coming in after the company's previous acquisition of the mobile-first email management iOS app Mailbox, are bringing in the mailbox for the users on Android, and have already previewed a beta version for desktop.

Dropbox for Android Introduces Mailbox with Auto-Swipe

Alongside the new announcement, the company also showed off a new "Auto-swipe" feature that will allow you to not only archive an unwanted email, but even automatically archive similar emails you might receive in the future.

The new Mailbox offerings were unveiled on stage at Dropbox's press event held in SF where it announced that the service now has 275 million users, while also announcing about a new collaboration integration with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint -- known as Project Harmony.

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"On a full-sized computer, Mailbox lets you use your trackpad for gesture control, and features a starkly minimal design. You can swipe on your trackpad to archive an email just like you'd swipe a touchscreen on your phone, TechCrunch clarifies in its reports.

Mailbox's Auto-swipe feature makes it easy to keep a check on the marketing people and other similar distractions. Apparently, it also learns from the archive swipes and snoozes to determine different patterns related to what the user doesn't want to see or want hidden for later reference.

"It can then preemptively apply that pattern to future email so it's taken care of before you even see it. Your deduced preferences are synced by Dropbox so they'll follow you across Mailbox interfaces and devices," the report adds.

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Auto-swipe is currently launching on Android, and should come to iOS soon. Also, it should be on desktop when that version comes around.

Currently, users looking to sign up for early desktop access can go to http://www.mailboxapp.com/

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