Earn From Your Blog Using WordAds

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Earn From Your Blog Using WordAds

Since quite some years, the most frequently requested feature on WordPress.com is the facility with which bloggers can make money from the ads in their blog. Wordpress has resisted the advertisements these many years as most of the ones it has seen were not tasteful and also the situation of the Google AdSense was not that proper which is sad. When the blogger takes so much efforts and time they need to deserve the best. So now Wordpress is taking up this request and starting the WordAds feature.

WordPress.com and Federated Media, a giant in the field of advertising came into partnership and announced it recently. This partnership has now helped the users in using the ads feature and make money on their blog with the ads and they will take a particular share on the revenue generated. The creative minds will surely not be satisfied with the sharecropping on some others domain and will want to have their own space in the internet.

WordAds feature was announced yesterday on the blog of WordPress.com and it is very clear that it is not for all the users. This feature will carry premium ads from some known brands alone and it will be available to the users as per the application. This feature is only for those blogs that are publicly visible with the custom domains as well as based on some factors like the type of the content, the language used, the level of the generated traffic.

The blogs are quite unique and must not be treated in the same manner as the other pages in the internet. At present, there are over 50,000 blogs powered by WordPress and online and it is quite surprising to see how the people make use of this to express their views. These surprising and interesting blogs will surely earn more revenue from the ads which is an option.

If any of you out there are interested to take part in this WordAds program, all you have to do is just fill in the application form and then select the specific blog that you want to submit, choose the articles it covers and then enter the PayPal address denoting that you choose this payment method for the revenue that is generated.

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