Eco-friendly gadgets and mobile apps

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Eco-friendly gadgets and mobile apps

Do you know what’s special about today, the 5th of June? It is World Environment Day. Being a technology site, we have come up with a list of eco-friendly gadgets and mobile apps. You might have not even heard of some (probably most) of these gadgets. ‘Go Green’ is the slogan of the day.

Eco mobile apps

1. Eco Mania – A recycling game

2. Recycle – Ways to recycle plus recycling news

3. greenMeter – Evaluates your driving to help improve efficiency

4. GoodGuide –Find and shop green products instantly

5. Green Genie – Your guide to a sustainable lifestyle

6. Label Lookup – Verify green product claims

7. Green Outlet – Reduce your energy usage and save money

8. CORA –A new life for old stuff

9. Walk Score – Maps with nearby amenities and walking directions

10. What’s On My Food? – A decoder ring for the chemicals on your food

Eco gadgets

1.Samsung Replenish – Made from recycled and recyclable plastic (Sprint)

2.Aqua Tek Solar Charger – Double the life of your smartphone

3. Nite Ize BioCase – Compostable and biodegradable iPhone case

4. ibamboo Speaker – iPhone speaker that is efficient and renewable

5. Elago Glide Case – iPhone case with eco-friendly packaging

6. Samsung Evergreen – Built without hazardous materials and recyclable plastics

7. Solarlink FR600 – Solar powerrd radio and cell phone charger

8. Vers Slimcase – A sustainable iPhone case made out of bamboo

9. ECO-CELL - Free eCycling for a cause

10. Lekki – A French company that revitalizes and recycles old phones

Do you know more eco products? Or have we missed some useful and new ones? Please do let us know through the comments section below.

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