EcoATM pays for old cellphones

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EcoATM pays for old cellphones


The CES 2012 happening at Las Vegas is mainly about the new smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks and other technologies. But does the show focus on the old gadgets that are not needed at this period of time.

There is one particular machine at the CES 2012 that is especially designed to recycle the gadgets thereby offering a fitting end for the unused devices.

Drop your old and unused gadgets to the EcoATM and the unit will pay you the amount that it believes that your handset deserves. The machine is of the size of a cupboard and it has a large touch screen and a huge metal mouth to place the old cellphones and MP3 players.

The machine then captures pictures of the gadget to find out the shape of it and then you will be asked to choose one of cables of the machine to connect your cellphone. The machine will then check if the internals of the device are working properly.

After the analysis, it offers the quote on the spot and this quote will be based on the price that several electronics recycling companies will offer. It then spills the cash if you accept for the deal. In the demonstration, Bill Bowles, the founder of EcoATM said that the machine offers $221 for a Verizon iPhone 4.

Usually not all old cellphones are worth reselling but this specific machine will take in the device anyways and pay you back. The company will extract the precious metals in the device by melting it down in an eco-friendly fashion.

This system is deployed in over 50 locations in malls and grocery stores across California. The company behind this idea says it has planned to deploy over 500 units by the end the year, spreading the technology towards the East.

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