Elon Musk Plans To Populate Mars By Sending One Million People By 2050


Space research organisations like NASA, ISRO, Roscosmos, and many more are researching on Mars and trying to gain as much information as possible. But its seems Elon Musk has his own plans to populate the planet. In the latest report, it has been reported that Elon Musk CEO of the SpaceX has shared some tweets explaining his idea of sending one million people to Mars by 2050.


Elon Musk Plans To Populate Mars By Sending One Million People By 2050

According to Musk tweet, he is planning to build 1,000 Starships a two-stage rocket system which is expected to be capable enough of landing humans and cargo on Mars. Musk said that the aims are to launch at least three Starships a day and make the trip of the red planet available for everyone.

Besides, Musk has also said that Mars will have a lot of jobs, however, he didn't say anything specific about the jobs. "Megatons per year to orbit are needed for life to become multiplanetary," reads Musk's tweet.

Later in the thread, Musk has also explained how this transport is going to happen. According to him, 1000 Starship will be able to transfer 100 megatons to Mars. So if a Starship is taking 100 people then the total migration will be 100,000 people.

Elon Musk Plans To Populate Mars By Sending One Million People By 2050

If this turns out to be true and the launch and landing capabilities are successful, then Starship will become the most powerful landing system. Earlier, Musk announced that the Starship prototype launch might be done before the end of March. SpaceX engineers can make up to 20 different prototypes before finalizing the design.

The Starship launch system will require a 22-story rocket booster which is also called Super Heavy. The entire structure of the Starship will stand around 118 metres. Let's see what Musk is going to do with this plan of migrating 100,000 people to Mars. However, the question is what people will do on Mars without food water and basic needs to survive.

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