Erroneous emails from The New York Times

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Erroneous emails from The New York Times

About eight million people have got emails from New York Times yesterday stating that they are offering some special discount if the recipients reconsider their idea of canceling the subscriptions. Actually this offer was only for 300 people who decided to get the newspaper delivered to their home. This mail was circulated to eight million email addresses available on the email marketing list by an employee erroneously.

This debacle was lit in the social media websites like Facebook and Twitter and they raised some concerns about the spam that the hackers have created in the computer network of the newspaper. The newspaper's spokeswoman has blamed the human error and said that neither hackers were involved nor there was no flaw in the security.

The paper also made a statement saying that an email was circulated to a large number users rather than a small group. This was sent to those subscribers who had given their email address to The New York Times. The email offered the customers a 50% reduction in the rate for about 16 weeks on the home deliveries.

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