Love 4 Apple Committed to Bring the World's Best Apple Accessories to India

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While the smartphone market has been on a high in the past few years with new arrivals marking different generations in the evolution from feature phones to smartphones, the other industry that has grown alongside it is the accessory market that's been in demand for lighting up a phone with added makeovers.

However, while the accessory market has indeed grown alongside the smartphone market in recent years, that growth until now, has only been limited to other parts of the planet. India hasn't been on the forefront when dealing in accessories for smart devices compared to other big names in the market.

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Nonetheless, it seems like all that is about to change with the arrival of Love4Apple which is offering a number of related accessories for smartphones. Although, it is to be noted that these accessories are primarily meant for Apple devices, and not for others tagged Android.

The Accessories Market
Recently, Harpreet Kaur Sapra, Co-Founder, Love4Apple interacted with GizBot over the company's plans for the advancement of the brand name in India and how it plans to keep its products flowing in one the biggest upcoming markets in the planet.

Firstly, on asked as to how the company has adjudged the accessory market in India and what's the scene with the market trend at the moment, Mrs. Sapra explained how the market was quite small when the company first started off.

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She spoke about how 2014 is supposed to be a big year for the whole accessory department and market by providing its own example of how the company experienced 100 per cent profit above the projected margin for the company. And that should be an example for anyone looking to dive into the device accessory market.

She also added that "2014-15 is already set to be a big year for both the company as well as the market since Love4Apple is not only looking to stick to mobile accessories but also expand beyond it." For starters, the company is trying to tie up with other physical retail stores (shop-in-shop) that would sell its products.

"At Love 4 Apple, we make effort to bring the best products to India at the best prices. If you look at the US$ Prices for our products [Transit is US$ 199.99, Nifty is US$ 39.99 and 7mm Cases are US$ 34.99], we have matched it from Dollar to Rupee Conversion, this is done by ensuring that our margins are minimal from a point of view of operations, and we legally import them by paying duty to the exchequer," she stated.

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Wearbles and Beyond
Moreover, currently, Love 4 Apple is also planning a Revenue of Rs. 10 Crore in the FY 2014-2015 with the expansion in retail. The company is already in talks with Philips to Bring Hue brand of products to India, with more news also waiting to be unveiled.

"Our effort is also to bring Wearables and other connected Devices that will allow us to offer you the best in class tech stuff, without you having to call a cousin in the US to send it to you and worry about shipping costs," she added.

What's Hot
Currently, Love4Apple is putting extra efforts on its new and the world's thinnest iPhone mesh cases made with 100% CNC Machined Metal + PC Mix (available in black, silver and red), alongside the newly introduced Nifty Drive and the Soen Audio TRANSIT portable bluetooth speakers (Read our Hands On for the product).

The 7mm Cases will be launched on the 14th of April on the Website and the Nifty Drive at the End of April 2014. Head over here to know more about the products.

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