After Ice Bucket Challenge, Facebook 'fire challenge' faces criticism

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While the Ice Bucket Challenge drew its fair share of criticism in the past, now a 'fire challenge' is turning out a headache for parents.

After Ice Bucket Challenge, Facebook 'fire challenge' faces criticism

In the so-called Facebook 'fire challenge', flammable liquid is poured over the body and lit. The person then has to dive into a pool before the flames take hold. There have been reports of participating youngsters getting seriously injured or sometimes losing their life.

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Now, the parents of two boys who set themselves on fire as part of an online craze have pleaded for videos promoting the dangerous stunt to be taken off the internet.

Tyler O' Connor, nine, and his 11-year-old brother Shaun escaped serious injury after trying to take part in the 'Fire Challenge', Mail Online reported.

After Ice Bucket Challenge, Facebook 'fire challenge' faces criticism

Footage of youngsters taking part has spread across the internet, with the videos being shared widely across Facebook and YouTube. The boys' parents Donna O'Connor and Anthony Mummery, from Churchdown, Gloucestershire, have now warned others about the risk after their children attempted the stunt twice during one weekend in November.

"I felt sick and worried when I heard what they'd done. It could easily have been a phone call saying my sons are in hospital or they've died. They have been punished more than I have ever punished them before.

It's shocking that kids are able to watch videos like that," a shocked Mummery was quoted as saying. Parents are issuing warnings as the popularity of the craze leads to more and more youngsters taking part.

London fire department officials too have warned against the inherent dangers of such stunts with fire. "This is a stupid and dangerous craze.

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You're almost certain to seriously injure yourself and fire can easily spread to furniture and other flammable household items which is a risk to others," a fire department official was quoted as saying by the Mail. Although Facebook has reportedly taken down two of the videos, many others are still accessible on YouTube.

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