Facebook increases the character limit of status update

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Facebook increases the character limit of status update


Currently, after the launch of Google+, a social network website from Google, Facebook which was previously in the first position being the most used social network started facing some competition.

Facebook has now decided to be ahead of the competitors and so it started throwing new and surprising features to the users' profiles. Now it announced another update by increasing the character limit of the status updates to 63,206 from 5000.

Vadim Lavrusik, the Journalist Program Manager of Facebook has announced that a couple of months back the character limit of the status updates was increased to 5000 characters and now it is increased to 63,000 characters enabling the users to post larger status messages.

At the beginning, this character limit was only 160 characters and later in the month of March 2009, it was increased to 420 characters. Last year there was no improvement in this field and then it was increased to 500 in July 2011.

This increase in the character count is too high and makes users wonder who will use such long status messages. Sources say that during the testing process of this limit, Facebook ceased to respond in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 9 as well while trying to add 1,00,000 characters to see the result.

Facebook lets users to upload posts of length 63,206 characters and if it is more than that limit, the website will display an error message bearing the title “Status Update Too Long” and the message will state that the status updates should have less than 63,206 characters and that you have entered more than that limit.

It will also specify that the Notes can have more characters and will provide you an option to edit your post and update it as Note. The message will have options such as Edit as Note and Cancel.

Twitter, the micro-blogging website has only a limit of 140 characters for the messages which is extremely short. But Google+ stands above all, even Facebook as it allows the users to update posts to a maximum of 1,00,000 characters.

Only time can tell if Facebook will surpass the character limit of Google+. But it can't be predicted as Facebook increased this limit by about 12 folds in just two months and made it 63,000 characters from 5000 characters that came into existence since September.

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