Facebook is blamed all over the globe

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Facebook is blamed all over the globe


Facebook, the most used social networking site is blamed for all over the world for about one-third of the divorces. This network is used highly like a source of witness in the divorce cases and also cited by Divorce-Online, a law firm.

The firm claims that it has experienced 50% more divorce petitions based on behavior and these petitions have the word Facebook in them in the past couple of years. It stated that about 33% of the total 5000 petitions that were filed in last year with the firm has the website's name in them.

Facebook has become a major source of communication for most of them not only to their friends but also to ex-partners. This may start in an innocent fashion but it later leads to trouble. Facebook is an easiest place to contact with people of the opposite gender and catch hold of trouble as well.

The common reasons of trouble in Facebook starts when a spouse finds the messages and pics of the partner at some party which he/she is not aware of or with someone else. Facebook makes the partners to find out the things that the other person is hiding from them in an easier way.

The law firm has warned the clients to keep away from Facebook when they are undergoing divorce proceedings. People ought to be highly careful as the courts are making use of Facebook posts and walls as evidence.

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