Facebook seeks mobile devices for revenue

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Facebook seeks mobile devices for revenue

Facebook, the social networking website is all set to begin the advertisements on mobile phones right before its IPO itself.

The social network has already discussed about the proposals with the unidentified advertising agencies for displaying the featured stories in the news feeds that are visible to the users as an effort to make revenue from a new source.

Starting March, Facebook mobile users will start to see advertisements well ahead of the IPO that is expected to come in May.

This move will test the company's capability to balance the shareholders' interests, maintenance of rapid revenue growth and more.

More and more consumers are getting smartphones and they are spending increased time on the internet. This will be a bug part of the social network's usage.

Even other companies including Google are tending to advertise on mobile in order to stabilize their revenue. Even Twitter has tried last year and it was forced to remove the feature called Quick Bar from the mobile app.

On February 29th, Facebook is having an events for the marketers in New York and it is expected to release new features for all the brands. It is trying to force the companies using its platform to make more paid promotions rather than depending on free ones.

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