Facts you need to know about the new iPad

Posted By: Rahul

Facts you need to know about the new iPad

The iPad HD saw it's official launch yesterday. The specifications are among the best. Due to this, people expect the new iPad to provide enhanced functionality. But, when the features are taken into consideration, there is still some confusion. We give you a list of must-know details about the iPad HD that you would find useful.

These details are:

1) Apple's new iPad has a high-resolution screen. It provides the 4G LTE network connection. In addition to this, the 5 Mega-Pixel camera has been upgraded from it's predecessor version. New Apps are also included this time around.

2) The battery life is the same. The amount of battery life that the iPad 2 provided is equivalent to the battery backup that the iPad HD provides. The memory details(configuration) are the same along with the pricing. So, both the second & third generation iPads have almost identical configuration except for a few changes here & there.

3) One interesting upgrade that the tablet has got is the display resolution. The resolution here is very impressive as it has got a 2048X1536 pixel resolution

All in all we can say that the new iPad is better than it's predecessor even though it has some identical configuration. So, head to the stores today & lay your hands on the iPad HD.

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