Feature phones and smartphones to cost the same

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Feature phones and smartphones to cost the same

Eric Schmidt, Google's chairman delivered the most exciting keynote at the MWC 2012 of which we would like to highlight a particular segment. In the Q&A section that followed the keynote, Schmidt was questioned regarding when the feature phones will have Android.

He replied saying that a better solution for this is to buy a smartphone if Android is needed to a great extent. Or a better question will be when smartphones will fall to the same price as the feature phones. He said that this will happen next year.

He added that the models that cost $400 last year will cost $100 next year. It is happening currently and many partners are actually working on models that will fall in the price range of $100 to $150. Finally they will arrive to a price of $70 which is their goal. This will be the point when the low cost smartphones will start occupying the developing markets so that they can be resold for $20 to $30.

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