Fitbit Launches Zip

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Fitbit Launches Zip

People across the world are getting more health conscious and there is a demand for health friendly mobile devices. Fitbit is planning to leverage this trend and consolidate its presence in mobile health industry by releasing two new healthcare products. They are Fitbit Zip and Fitbit One. ‘Fitbit Zip’ has already been released for $59.95 (approximately Rs.3,500) where as ‘Fitbit One’ is expected to be released soon for $99.95 (approximately Rs.6,000). 

Fitbit Zip

This is a cool device that can be used for basic health tracking purposes. It runs on batteries with durability lasting for several months. It is available in five colors including Blue, Charcoal, Magenta, White, Lime Green and White. 

Some of its key features include:

  • Tracking of the number of steps performed in the exercise

  • Burned Calories Information

  • Distance Travelled

  • Bluetooth 4.0 is used for iOS syncing

  • Wireless Sync Support for PC

Fitbit One

Fitbit One on the other hand comes with superior features compared to Fitbit Zip. The product has the ability to perform syncing with iOS devices and PCs through Bluetooth 4.0 without any need of dock or cable. There are also reports of Android syncing also arriving soon to the device.

Other key characteristics of ‘Fitbit One’ include: 

  • It is a tough one - Rain Proof, Splash Proof and Sweat-Proof

  • Stairs being climbed

  • Calories burned

  • Hours slept

The product also has in-store an API designed for connecting with fitness and food tracking apps. The product has a Fitbit Aria wireless scale inside designed to motivate users to lose weight.

Fitbit One will be available only in two colors - Black and Burgundy.

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