Five highly Anticipated gadgets of 2012

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We provide you some details regarding the highly anticipated gadgets of 2012. These gadgets are expected to create a revolution in the year 2012. The gadgets are:

1) iPhone 5:

Five highly Anticipated gadgets of 2012

The most anticipated gadget is the iPhone 5, this is expected to incorporate a sleek, trendy design that is sure to give it an edge over other smartphones in 2012. The iPhone 5 is also expected to eliminate the drawbacks of it's predecessor, the iPhone 4S. There are rumors that the iPhone 5 is going to have an aluminum body and a bigger display. For the other features, we will have to wait till 2012.


2) iPad 3:

Ever since the success of the iPad 2, Apple has been keen to bring out the iPad 3. This is going to be a reality in 2012. Speculations are rife that the iPad 3 is going to run on a quad-core processor. In addition to this, there are also rumors of never-before seen technology being incorporated in the iPad 3. Let's wait & watch.


3) Xbox 720:

The Xbox 720 is expected to have some of the best graphic supports & never-before seen features. The speculation running rife is that the Xbox 720 is going to run on an 8-core processor. Apart from this, 3D support is also supposed to be incorporated here. All in all, the Xbox 720 is one gadget to watch out for in 2012.


4) Apple HD-TV:

Apple's anticipated products continue to dominate the most-expected product charts. The Apple HD TV is one more addition to the growing range of Apple products. As the name suggests, the Apple TV is going to provide High-Definition support & features. Speculations doing the rounds are the Apple HD TV is going to incorporate & provide features such as game, apps support & even social networking. All these makes the Apple HD-TV an anticipated product in 2012.


5) Quad Core Mobile Phones:

Yes, this technology is going to be a reality in 2012. Many leading manufacturers have decided to incorporate their mobile phones with a quad-core processor. This is supposed to give the mobile phones never-before seen functionality.


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