Flomio FloJack: How Will the First-Ever NFC Reader Benefit Apple iOS Device Users?

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Flomio FloJack: How Will the First-Ever NFC Reader Benefit Apple iOS Device Users?

Flomio is initiating a new competition in the market with the company releasing its first ever NFC Reader designed for iOS devices. The NFC Reader is dubbed ‘FloJack’. The company is trying to generate more revenues for the Kick Starter project for the production of the NFC Reader.

What is NFC?

NFC is also known as ‘Near Field Communication’ technology. It is a wireless communication technology enabling users to transfer data between two devices within the range of 10cms. The contents can be transferred seamlessly between the devices. It can also be used for making wireless bill payments. It is known to provide a greater level of security than Bluetooth data transfer. 

NFC Dongle for iOS

The relevance of this dongle is greater since Apple has not included NFC capabilities with the latest version of its iOS device. This is where the new product from Flomio comes in to play. FloJack is a small sized dongle that fits with ease on the 3.5mm headphone jack on iOS device. 

Richard Grundy, Founder of Flomio having more than 12 years experience in Embedded Systems stated, “Company is extremely excited in inviting the iOS based Apple customers to the NFC party”. He also stated the possibilities as endless. The latest product seem to have gone down well with interested customers with the company being able to generate so far $16,554 from its 249 backers with still 17 days left. 

The company has put in place a goal of $80,000. The new dongle is designed to be compatible with the latest version of iOS devices being released in to the market by Apple. To be more precise, the compatible iOS models include iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and 4th and 5th generation iPod Touch. All the iPad Models other than the first generation would support NFC dongle. 

Sources suggest new Flomio FloJack NFC Dongle to be made available for users at a price of $49 (approximately Rs.2,500). Users will also get 5 NFC tags dubbed ‘Zapps’. If the target is reached, then the company will start shipping its product from March, 2013 onwards. 

Watch the Kickstarter Page.

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