Forget 3D as QD TV is coming soon

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Forget 3D as QD TV is coming soon


A group of British scientists have developed a new technology and they claim that this can be used to produce the a TV that can be rolled and carried in a pocket. Sounds too exciting? Yes, the QD TV is going to come soon and it will make you forget the 3D ones.

A team of researchers at Manchester University has developed a different form of crystals that can emit light and they are known quantum dots (QD) that can be used to create ultra-thin televisions. These tiny crystals are about 100,000 times small when compared to the human hair's width. These can also be printed on flexible plastic sheets in order to produce a display that is as thin as a paper thereby enabling portability.

These researchers hope that the first televisions based on quantum dots like the present flat screen TVs with better color and thin displays will come into the market by the next year. The flexible version of the QD TV will take a minimum of three years to come to the market.

The CEO of Nanoco which is a spin out company that is set by scientists behind this technology , Michael Edelman states that they are working along with some of the electronics company of Asia. The first line up of products that come into the market with the quantum dots technology are the next generation of the flat screen televisions.

The main advantage of the QD is that they can be printed on sheets of plastic and can be rolled up thereby resulting in highly compact personal devices. These can also be printed on reels of curtains or wallpapers so as to provide displays on them. Most of the televisions that are produced now have the LCD that is lit by the LEDs and this will make the screens only 2 to 3 inches thick. The LEDs can be replaced by QD to reduce this thickness.

The demand and the shortage of the rare earth elements that are used in these displays have raised and as result of which even the production costs have increased. These reasons have made the electronics firms to make use of some new ways to produce the display. The quantum dots are actually made using cheap semi-conducting materials that can emit the light when they are powered by ultraviolet light or electricity.

The change in the size of the crystals can act upon color of the light that is produced. The QD can also be placed on the LEDs so that the natural light color is improved and Nanoco is now working on this to produce different types of light bulbs that are energy efficient. They also are working on producing the solar powered displays using the QD technology.

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