Fortunate Japanese get the new iPad

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Fortunate Japanese get the new iPad

If you are a gadget lover, you will definitely be aware that the sales of iPad debuts today across some countries of which three markets Japan, Australia and Singapore are the first. The device has got positive reviews all across the world.

Australia is the first one to sell this all new iPad and Telstra, the operator opened the doors in Melbourne and Sydney soon after midnight in order to start the sales at eight o'clock before Apple could do. However, only dozens came up to Telstra while the demand at the Apple stores were greater. The sources confirmed a city block in Sydney.

In Japan, only one retail outlet is actually selling the new iPad and it has great demand. In fact, the anticipation there is much greater with a huge number of die-hard fans of Apple waiting for over 36 hours before the launch. Today, the queue outside the Apple Store in Tokyo an Ginza were estimated to have 400 people, as per the reports. Unlike Australia, the Japan buyers were made to wait till 8 a.m. as the Apple Store is the only place that sells the device.

Singapore, the third country to get sell the Apple's new iPad made it through the M1 which actually bet the sales of Japan. The operator launched a midnight event at the store. Some of the buyers have waited in queue for over 12 hours to grab their device. The Apple Store in Singapore started the sales at 8 a.m.

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