Glass mobile phone concept

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Glass mobile phone concept

As the mobile phone market is expanding at a greater pace day by day, latest mobile phones come to the market every now and then and each one of them will have different qualities, specifications and features.

To be unique from the already available models, the latest mobile phones are coming with new features that will make them different. Some are concentrating on the camera while some others on the multimedia options but the new concept is Glass Mobile Phone that is concentrating on the weather conditions.

In case you want to know the weather in your city, use this device with the unique feature of displaying the weather on the screen. If its a sunny day, the phone will have a clear screen, if its rainy then the screen will turn into drops format. The same way on snowy day, the screen will have the fog effect.

If you like to turn on the hand writing feature then blow your breath and see it turn to the hand writing mode. This is a concept phone and we have to wait to see when it turns to a reality.

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