Good news as the Android Smartphone is all set to get the Solar Power monitor app.

Posted By: Rahul

Good news as the Android Smartphone is all set to get the Solar Power monitor app.

In today's world where android smartphones are a rage, comes a concept which when implemented can bring about a change in the environment. The concept is the incorporation of a Solar Power Monitor app in android smartphones, this is not only a useful concept, but can lead to a revolution as well.

This app allows the users to track the solar power usage over their android phones, thus maximize solar power usage real time. The Solar Power monitor provides various tools that the users can access online and track the amount of solar energy harnessed, produced and also optimize usage. By this, the solar energy concept can be extended to other areas which are not implementing solar energy.

This app allows the users to find out the efficiency of their home solar systems from any location in the world. The functionality of the app allows the users to track the efficiency of any solar device that they use provided they access an online interface.

In addition to this, the users can derive the rating of their solar devices as well. This gives them an added advantage as they can improve the solar devices & scope for upgrades is also provided. For syncing the solar power monitor with android phones, a download of an android app is required which can be obtained free of cost from the android store. This application comes free with some of the rooftop solar power systems in some countries.

Thus, by the effective implementation of this concept, the world can witness another revolution & the environmental hazards can be eliminated completely.

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