Google adds 'Studio Mode' to Hangouts on Air

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Google adds 'Studio Mode' to Hangouts on Air

Lately, Google made ‘Hangouts On Air’ publicly available for all Google+ users. This feature provided users with an opportunity to broadcast their shows over Google+ and Youtube. The technology had gathered a good following among musicians and performing artists who got a chance to showcase their skills in the comfort of their homes.

The fact that a global audience can be assembled to a hangout on Google+ has enhanced the appeal of the feature. Now Google is following up with a new feature. The new feature on the table is ‘studio mode’ which dramatically enhances the audio quality of the broadcast.

An enriched experience

All users have to do to avail this feature is to switch from voice mode to studio mode while starting a hangout. Google will follow up by optimizing the sound quality to suit performances instead of conversations. Recent reviews from various artists have confirmed better audio output of performances with the new ‘Studio mode’ feature. The sounds of instruments appear much more clear and precise.

This quality alone is expected to boost the number of global users for Google +. Studio mode also facilitates better balance of mix and reduces the audio artifacts in sounds of certain instruments.

The enhanced sound quality will consume a little more bandwidth which is acceptable taking into consideration the quality of the presentation. Google will gradually roll out this feature to its global user base. Currently developments are going around to further enhancing the quality of the feature. Studio mode will be publicly released by later this year.

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