Google adds support for Hindi, Chinese and Russian in Google Docs

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Google adds support for Hindi, Chinese and Russian in Google Docs

In a recent development, Google has added extended support for Hindi, Russian and Chinese languages in Google Docs with the launch of its new text input tool . With this new text input tool, users across India, China and Russia can from now on type in their own native language. Google team was quoted as saying, “Depending on the language you’re typing in, the tool will allow you to input text using the phonetic spelling of a word or using a virtual keyboard that mirrors your physical keyboard.”

The new text input tool is designed to provide users with a wide range of word choices within a list. A user can choose a word from the given list by tapping on it. Users can navigate through the list with their keyboard arrows. A word can be selected by choosing the ‘Enter’ button. The preferred word can be selected also by typing the number provided next to the word in the list.

Another major improvement in the text input tool is the presence of a virtual keyboard which will appear on the screen. This feature allows users to enter the preferred characters with ease. The text input tool can be activated especially in two ways.

  • One of the method to activate the text input tool is by tapping on its icon

  • For users having a Mac computer, tap ‘Cmd+Shift+K’

  • For users having a PC, tap ‘Ctrl + Shift + K’ for activating the text input tool
The new text input tool also allows users to set up a physical keyboard capable of mirroring the virtual keyboard. This feature allows users for typing the non-Latin characters with ease. The introduction of the three new phonetic input methods is expected to provide more ease of use for native users of India, China and Russia.

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