Google Android malware increases by 3,325%

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Google Android malware increases by 3,325%

Juniper Networks has released the findings of the research 2011 Mobile Threats Report today. As per the research, the mobile malware has become to mature with the Google's Android malware increasing by about 3,325% within seven months of 2011.

It states that there is lot of malware for the first time. 2011 has experienced a record of mobile malware attacks especially on the Android platform.

The malware has become to smart and the cyber criminals are continuing to find new ways of attacking with their skills. They are working on the vulnerabilities and on the human behavior to make profit on all the mobile devices and platforms.

It also states that barrier for the malware to enter is quite low and the complex and deep attacks are targeted towards the schemes that are social, lightweight and able to offer fast profits. The apps that the users download on their devices are transforming into killer apps for the hackers and are the means of compromising the devices.

There are some other important findings of this research from 2010 to 2011. Juniper Networks has identified an increase of 155% in the mobile malware over all the platforms in the year. In only seven months, the malware in the Android platform has increased by about 3,325%.

In 2011, the SMS Trojans and spyware that target the mobile devices have increased by about 36% and 63% respectively. The research of the Apple iOS security is limited as the platform is of closed nature but still the researchers have found an unapproved app in the AppStore.

Another new method of attack called Fake Installers was a quickly growing malware that was found in 2011. This tricks the victims and makes them pay unknowingly for the pirated versions of the famous applications which are usually free. Apart from the malware and its increasing threat, the enterprises and consumers are susceptible to the low tech risk of lost and stolen mobile devices.

The combination of the rapid growth of malware and and the lost and stolen devices explain the serious of mobile security. It not only affects the corporations but everyone. The consumers as well as businesses are asked to take necessary security precautions while they are using mobile devices.

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