Google announces Project Treble to make Android better

Google is urging the chip makers and OEMs to make changes to the AOSP code.

    The search engine giant Google today announced a new project titled Project Treble for to make Android better for users and their ecosystem partners.

    Google announces Project Treble to make Android better


    "One thing we've consistently heard from our device-maker partners is that updating existing devices to a new version of Android is incredibly time-consuming and costly. Adding that with Android O, we've been working very closely with device makers and silicon manufacturers to take steps toward solving this problem, and we're excited to give you a sneak peek at Project Treble, the biggest change to the low-level system architecture of Android to date,"Google wrote in the Android developers blog.

    The company says that Project Treble aims to do what CTS did for apps, for the Android OS framework. The core concept is to separate the vendor implementation - the device-specific, lower-level software written in large part by the silicon manufacturers - from the Android OS Framework.

    It's powered by the new Vendor Test Suite (VTS) and is conceptually similar to the Compatibility Test Suite (CTS), which lets developers write apps that work across devices running on different hardware from different manufacturers.

    Google further said: "Project Treble will be coming to all new devices launched with Android O and beyond. In fact, the new Project Treble architecture is already running on the Developer Preview of O for Pixel phones."

    With a stable vendor interface providing access to the hardware-specific parts of Android, device makers can choose to deliver a new Android release to consumers by just updating the Android OS framework without any additional work required from the silicon manufacturers," the company further added.

    Furthermore, Google is urging the chip makers and OEMs to make changes to the AOSP code. The Project Treble is already integrated into the first Developer Preview of Android O, which is currently available for Pixel and Nexus phones.


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