Google Assistant: A Siri competitor

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Google Assistant: A Siri competitor


Google is expected to come up with a competitor to Siri in 2012. The sources claim that the company is working on an artificial intelligence technology called Google Assistant that is expected to be capable of excelling the abilities of Siri, the voice assistant of Apple.

As per the reports, Google is planning to come up with this technology, Assistant in the fourth quarter of the year. There is also a rumor that states that the Google Assistant will not be a standalone application. There are also some plans going around to release the API for the developers in order to integrate the technology along with all the different types of apps.

The reports also add that this operation will not be managed by the secretive Google X laboratory but it will be under the control of the Android team. When this is launched, the Android smartphones will have a robotic assistant that will talk through services like Google Maps and Gmail.

The Android devices already have voice commands feature but with the new one, integration with the apps and other services as mentioned above is possible. The question now is that will this help Google to beat Apple in the long run.

This is possible as the beauty with the Android devices is that the Google products will surely work well on the platform as it is its own OS as it is on the Apple iPhone. We use many services like Docs, Maps, Gmail, YouTube and more of the company and when these get the intelligent voice assistant, users can simply talk through the features which will definitely squash the success of Siri.

Moreover, Apple Siri is not perfect and it is a blowout success. It has some weaknesses and if they are counteracted by Google, it will be great. The new service can get the voice recognition crown if it is speedy and can offer relevant help.

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