Google Attains Quantum Supremacy Which Can Beat The Fastest Supercomputer


Google claims to have accomplished a leap forward in quantum computing research. The company said that its trial quantum processor managed to finish a calculation in only a couple of minutes. While a tradition supercomputer takes thousands of year to calculate the same. The research note was published on October 23 by Nature a publication is known for its scientific journal.

Google Attains Quantum Supremacy Which Can Beat The Fastest Comput


"In reaching this milestone, we show that quantum speedup is achievable in a real-world system and is not precluded by any hidden physical laws." read the researchers wrote.

To recall, quantum computers make sure that the computational s assignments will be executed faster on a quantum processor as compared to a classic processor. Building a high-fidelity equipped for running quantum calculations is a huge challenge because it needs bigger computational space.

"Quantum things can be in multiple places at the same time," Gadgets 360 quoted Chris Monroe, a University of Maryland physicist who is also the founder of quantum startup IonQ. "The rules are very simple, they're just confounding."

However, Google claims quantum supremacy are already been questioned by other industry researchers. IBM has also commented on the finding saying that the term quantum supremacy refers to a point where quantum computer makes calculations which are impossible for traditional computers.

Google Attains Quantum Supremacy Which Can Beat The Fastest Comput

According to researchers from IBM, Google belittled the regular supercomputer, called Summit which was created by IBM and is situated at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee. Researchers said that it is capable of doing the calculation in 2.5 days.


So far Google has not responded to researchers of IBM, and choose to stay quite on this topic. "Since achieving quantum supremacy results last spring, our team has already been working on near-term applications, including quantum physics simulation and quantum chemistry, as well as new applications in generative machine learning, among other areas," reads Google blog post.

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