Google awarded with US patent for technology on driverless car

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Google awarded with US patent for technology on driverless car


Google, the internet giant has been awarded with the patent for the technology on self-driving cars. The intellectual rights of this technology relate to a method that switches the vehicle from the human controlled mode to a condition where it will take control of the wheel.

The technology will explain how the vehicle would know when it should take control of itself, where it is situated and in which direction it has to drive. The internet search firm claims that this technology can be used to provide the tours to the tourist spots and to send the models that are faulty to the repair shops.

This application for the transitioning for a mixed mode vehicle to autonomous mode was actually applied in the month of May but it was not known to the public till this week.

The technology uses two sensors of which the first one will identify a landing strip whenever the vehicle stops and this will trigger the second one that receives the data and thereby informs the machine where it is exactly positioned and where it must go.

Google claims the landing strip to be a mark on ground or a sign on wall or some lines and arrows also indicating where the car must be parked. The GPS receiver of the car must be activated for it to detect the landing strip that it has used to park. The GPS will use the sensors to find out the trees and the other landmarks near the strip to identify it.

This technology may seem to sound like being too fancy but Google has tried this with a fleet of cars without drivers for so many years. The vehicles use the artificial intelligence technology with the Google's Street View maps, video cameras and a lot of sensors.

This passion project of Google will surely create a good revenue stream for the company. It is expected to come as a commercial prospect very soon as opposed to the thoughts of most people.

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