Google brings out new program to support Indian Women entrepreneuers

Posted By: Rahul

Google brings out new program to support Indian Women entrepreneuers

In order to support women entrepreneurs in India and to enable them to reap better profits from their entrepreneurship, Google has launched a new program which is called “ Women Entrepreneurs on the Web” (WEOW). This is a novel initiative by Google as it will help Women Entrepreneurs to use web based technology in their everyday business activities thus aiding them in reaching out to more audience.

Google's WEOW is a 5 point approach which targets women entrepreneurs with different levels of online expertise and also enables them to learn various online business strategies through which their business can progress. In addition to this, Google's five point WEOW provides various techniques through which women entrepreneurs can connect to various potential clients thereby enabling to better their reachability.

One intriguing factor of this initiative is, Google also provides basic training to women who are new to the online platform thereby catering to every need of various women entrepreneurs(budding entrepreneurs as well as professionals).

One of the reasons that Google has chosen India as the WEOW's target is the large presence of Women Entrepreneurs more than any other country in the world. This is clever thinking by Google in order to fully utilize the Indian potential.

The WEOW has been launched on a pilot basis and will be made full fledged very soon. Let's appreciate this novel initiative by Google.

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