Google Earth brings lost boy home after 25 years

Posted By: Rahul

Google Earth brings lost boy home after 25 years

With what could be called as a benefit of technology, Google's flagship product, the Google Earth has brought back a lost boy home after 25 years. Amazing isn't it! This instance is a good example of how technology can change our lives for the better.

This boy named Sanroo Brierly and his brother fell asleep & forgot to alight at their destination when they were travelling in a train in India & thereby got lost. This took place in the year 1987. Now after 25 years, Google Earth has finally reunited Sanroo Brierly with his parents. His brother passed away at an unspecified time. Brierly after being declared as a “Lost Child”,  was adopted by an Australian couple. He was taken to Australia & educated there. But after his education, Brierly used the magical Google Earth to look for his roots & return home.

Now he is back with his parents. With the help of internet, he was able to gain sufficient knowledge & vital information which were later used by him to return home. Looking at this we can say that Google indeed helped him reunite with his parents.

This instance also serves as a big boost to Google which was reeling under some degree of criticism from various countries across the world.

Therefore, internet is definitely a boon to mankind. Do reply with your thoughts in our comment section below.

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