Google Fortune Predicts future! Not really: It's a Campaign for Europe's Migrant crisis

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Google can now predict your future! Well, not really, but a fake website by the name Google Fortunetelling-Predict your future, claims to do so. This is a site where visitors can put up random questions about their future, or just anything absurd or random, be it love, life, and more, and the site will answer the queries, however there is just one answer to all the questions - Of course we can't predict your future"!

Google Fortune Predicts future! NOT really

Apparently, the site says that it can predict future by examining past search history and profile details. It mentions, "With our latest addition to Google we try to experiment with fortune-telling. Based on your previous search results and your profile, we try to make a good prediction of your future."

With Google in its name, the site seems genuine but just don't go by its name. The, however, is a fake site and, while you will look for it, browser too will warn you that the site is potentially dangerous.

To make the site look more genuine, the site makers made its interface look identical to Google's homepage. In fact even the logo appears exactly same as Google's new logo.

Actually, this is a campaign aimed at creating awareness towards the ongoing Syrian migrant crisis in Europe. It is when you click on predict my future on this site that you are navigated to a page which gives the campaign details. Furthermore, you will be encouraged to pass the message to your friends for local initiatives and donations to one of the related charities.

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