Google Gets Patents Left Eye Version of ‘Project Glass’

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For many augmented reality is something close to movie stuff or fantasy. However, there is one company who has already forecasted billion dollar business opportunities with this space and doing serious research and innovation. No prize for guessing it, the company is none other than Google.

Only few days back, Google patented a smartwatch featuring augmented reality. Now it has followed up with another patent this time for left eye version of the Project glass, their first web-based digital project leveraging principles of augmented reality. 

In the Project Glass initiative which was unveiled in April, the idea is to give a digital glass to users by which you can capture photos, chat with your friends and display directions responding to the voice commands using the special eyepiece fixed to the glass itself. The new patent is all about switching the augmented reality based eyepiece to the left side of the glass and this would help users who like to have digital information on their left side than on the right side. 

Now the glass can be used from both sides depending on the preference of the user. Any side can have that special eyepiece which could give you augmented reality based control for digital interactions like chatting, sending mails, locating places etc. 

This new patent was disclosed by a Google update on Google+. Technology enthusiasts believe that this digital glass could help Google to integrate their online services like Maps, web search, Gtalk and E-mail more to the daily lives of users. This is expected to give Google an edge against Apple’s latest hype around Siri and iPhone5 too

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